Frequently Asked Questions


When is the enrollment deadline?

Pathway to a Top University is offered on a monthly enrollment schedule. Students may enroll in the course at any time. Enroll by the 25th of the month before you’d like to start.

When does the course start?

The Pathway to a Top University course starts every month on or around the first of the month. It then continues for 16 weeks.

How do I pay for the course?

Individuals can enroll on the course description pages by clicking “Enroll Now”. After you submit the enrollment form, we will contact you by phone to process your credit card. We do not currently take payment through the website.

I am an agent. How do I enroll a group of students?

Please contact Megan Swanson at 1-253-833-9111 x4892 or

Pathway Course

Who teaches the Pathway to a Top University Course?

The Pathway to a Top University course is designed to be co-taught by a teacher/tutor in the students’ home country and an experienced teacher from Green River College International Programs.

How long is the course?

This is a 16-week course divided into three course modules (sections): World of American Universities, Skills for Success, and Practical English. They are designed to be completed in order. Students are automatically enrolled in all 3 modules. Please see the individual descriptions on the course home pages for more information.

Is this course graded?

This course is not graded. However, students receive a certificate upon successful completion of each of the three course modules.

Why should I take this course?

This course is designed for prospective international students who want to attend a top university in the U.S. You’ll learn about the university admissions process, how to be a successful university student, and academic and practical English skills to help you on your journey! Not sure if a U.S. university is right for you or if you’re ready? This course is for you! We’ll help you bridge your language and knowledge gaps and prepare you for success.

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